Developments in London with Kuppersbusch Appliances

Do you live in a Berkeley development in London that is installed with Kuppersbusch Appliances, then we can help you at Point to Places Ltd.

" We have over 10 years experiance with Kuppersbusch Appliances so will know your model "

Is your appliance showing a fault, Do you need a spare part, Do you need technical assistance, Would you like to upgrade your appliance to a new model ? 

We cover all the Berkeley Developments with engineers and understand the consierge system in place for the residents. If you do not have a Kuppersbusch Appliance we can still attend to you as we have knowledge of other manufactures / brands and spare parts so can accomodate.

We can book you in within 30 minutes with a day and time we can visit, communication is prompt and freindly. 

If we can help you please do not hesitate to contact us.

Abell House, Cleland House, Benson House, Edward House, Bridgeman House, Sherridan House, Page Street, Millbank, Batersea Reach.

Tel : 01536 215022 / 07484 686053

" We have great knowledge of the brand with over ten years experiance in installing and servicing.

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