Kuppersbusch American Fridge Freezer

Do you have a Kuppersbusch American fridge freezer that you are having issues with? Our team at Point To Places are here to help. We have been helping customers with the very high end technically advanced German-made Kuppersbusch brand for over fifteen years now. We cover all appliances that are all across the UK, so whatever your location please do contact us.

Anyone who buys high-quality food will also know how important proper storage is. Kuppersbusch American fridge freezers have various cooling zones to meet the requirements of different products, making them especially convenient. All of these fridge freezers are equipped with the latest technology which guarantees optimal storage conditions at all times. Whether you’re storing fresh fruit, delicate meat or select wines you know that everything is ideally stored in a Kuppersbusch American fridge freezer. 

We understand how frustrating it can be when your fridge freezer isn’t working as well as it should be. With this specific brand, it is always important to seek advice from an expert as opposed to attempting to fix the issues yourself. Our experienced team can help with standard integrated fridges, American freestanding models and also the large integrated four-door models. We specialise in the large Kuppersbusch American fridge freezer IKE458, this model is no longer made so it is very important that it is repaired correctly when an issue arises. Luckily our team can help you, whether it be replacing hinges, helping with frosting up, fixing the fridge or freezer compartments, installing a new compressor or re-gassing.

When choosing Point To Places to help with your Kuppersbusch American fridge freezer we can assure you that we are a friendly company that is very easy to deal with. All of our engineers are prompt and thorough, if there is a fault they will find it. A lot of our work comes from returning customers and we always remember them, along with their appliances, enabling us to deal with them easily and efficiently. Whether you are a returning customer or we have been recommended to you, we will always live up to our reputation. 

If your Kuppersbusch American fridge freezer is suffering from a fault please do not hesitate to contact us for a free quotation for repair. We can also check your fridge for available parts to make sure they are available in stock so that we are fully prepared for our visit. Call us today on 07484 686053 or 01536 215022 and a member of our friendly team will assist you further.