Kuppersbusch Commercial Appliances, Spare Parts and Service Engineers

Tel: 01536 215022 / 07484686053

At Point to Places Ltd we can help you with your Commercial Appliance whether to quote and supply spare parts or send an engineer and supply spare parts as well. Engineers cover all of the UK and are fully trianed with commercial appliances.

If you would like a spare part only we can quote and order. We can also send to anywhere in the World of your choice so if you are on a Yacht we can send to your next port or if you are on oil rig we can send to your destination of choice.

If you require assistance of an enginneer or a spare part only please do enquire with us as we can help you.

Spare parts only we require the rating plate / model number of your appliance so we can identify the model and locate the parts to check for availability.

Parts, Servicers or Technical Questions

Parts, Servicers or if you have a question please do not hesitate to contact Point to Places and we will be happy to help