Kuppersbusch Spare Parts

Tel : 01536 215022 / 07484 686053

At Point to Places Ltd we can help you with spare parts for your appliances. If you are a company a private individual or a servicer engineer we can help. 

" We have geat knowledge of the brand as we have been dealing with them for over 10years "

The only information we need is the rating plate ( model number ) of the appliance and we will be able to let you know if the part is in stock and your quote. If you are unsure of the part required please do email with a quick explanation and we will be able to send you an exploded diagram of your appliance with parts showing.

All parts sourced are genuine Kuppersbusch parts and they are sent directly from Germany.  You can be asured they are not universal parts and they will be the correct parts for your appliances.

Rating Plate / Model Number

Please see examples of the rating plates we need from you to establish what your appliance is. There are many variations on some models so the rating plate is essential to establish which one you have for the correct parts.

Rating Plates / Locations

Rating plates for your appliances are found inside the appliances apart from coffee machines which are on the outside. Oven, microwave, steamer and washing machines rating plates are loacted just inside the door. Fridge Freezer rating plates are located on the inside of the door or along side the salad draws at the bottom. Hob plates are located stuck on the hob underneath so a draw may have to be removed to get to it. Dishwasher rating plates are located on the top front edge near the door. Hood plates are loacted stuck inside the hood, the filters will have to be removed and they will be just inside. If you are unsure please do ask us at Point to Places and we will be happy to help you.