Kuppersbusch FKG9500 / IKE4580-1-4-T Maxi Food Fridge Freezer Agent UK

Kuppersbusch FKG9500 / IKE4580-1-4T          

" We Sell, Install and Remove Your Old Product all at the same time "


The Kuppersbusch Maxi Food Storage Centre Fridge Freezer is a very popular design chosen by many customers with high end kitchens around the UK.

It is very well built appliance so you can attach decor doors to the front which then blend in with the rest of your kitchen

At Point to Places we sell the Maxi Food Centre but can also offer you to install aswell * Please email with your location to determine install.

We install the fridge freezer regulary from Inner London to outer locations and as far up as Birmingham this year already

The Fridge Freezers are very high range with plenty of space for Refridgeration and Freezing.

We take on the install of these appliances as they are more involved and find it is a specialist area which needs high attention to detail. With the knowledge we have the installs can be accomplished and doors hung

The install takes approximatly three hours where we remove the old appliance and install the new. We protect flooring with large padded blankets and allocate this one job for the morning, so there is no rush for completion. We install correctly, calmly and precisely. We have huge attention to detail and make sure the customer is kept informed throughout the install.

Please inquire for a quotation for a FGK9500 / IKE 458-1-4T Delivery only or Delivery and Install.

The FKG9500 / IKE 4580-1-4-T will fit into location for other models IKE 458-5-4T and IKE 458-4-4T.  Please check dimensions below, if unsure the model code should be under the fridge vegetable tray or along side the edge of the tray stuck onto the fridge.



kuppersbusch ike458-1-4t picture installkuppersbusch ike 4580-1-4t sizes installation                     UA-58326227-1