Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


This page tells you the terms that you may use this web site and its content, It may be updated from time to time. These terms will govern your order and will come into effect on the purchase date of your order.

Changes to this agreement

These agreements can be changed from time to time so please review at your earliest this content if any changes have been made. Any order made is goverened by this agreement in place.

Third Party Acess on this site

Whilst the Website may contain links to third-party websites they should not be regarded as an endorsement, affiliation or association with the third-party website in question. If you decide to visit any third party website you do so at your own risk. We are not responsible for the content, accuracy or opinions expressed in such websites and assume no liability for their content. Please remember that when you use a link to go from our Website to
another website, our Privacy Policy and Terms will no longer apply. 

Availability of Contact

The numbers given are only aimed at UK Residents and do not include any codes for EU or non EU Countries. 

Ordering of Parts and Services through ths Web Site

All parts and services ordered through this web site is goverened by these terms, Any additonal individual instruction on  an order must be adeared to. All orders must be put into writting before proceeding wether by email or post. No orders will be made through a phone call. Any prices can be changed without notice even before a quote is sent into order. All parts are subject to availabilty on order. Delivery dates given are not set by Point to Places Ltd but by Kuppersbsch Germany. If an appliance is not available on an order a replacement may be offered in its place. If the replacement is not suitable a full refund will be given and the order cancelled, this must be made before the appliance has been dispatched from Germany.

Confirmation of Order

A confirmation of order / confirmation of recept of funds will be emailed within 24 hours of receipt from the customer.

Warranty and Delivery

Parts have a 3 month warranty from fitting by the engineer that fitted them ( Apart from Glass ) After this time a new part will have to be purchased by the customer and the service call paid for by the customer as a new order. Any part/s the customer receives which they have chosen / ordered specifically which is incorrect has to be posted back to Kuppersbusch Germany with information given by Point to Places Ltd. No credit will be given until Kuppersbusch Germany have acknowledged by email they have received it. Any parts which are received that are incorrect and have been taken out of ther packaging or fitted cannot be returned for credit as they are clsed as used. A credit cannot be given for these parts.

New Appliances ordered specifically by the customer which arrive in incorrect or find they are the wrong size will have to be sent back to Kuppersbusch Germany. Notification is required immediatly from the customer to Point to Places Ltd. New Appliances which are unboxed and found to be incorrect or damaged will not be taken back for credit, Any Appliances which are incorrect / damaged must not be signed for on delivery and sent back. Any damages that have occured or are incorrect pictures must be taken, signed for as damaged or incorrect and left on the pallett sent back with the driver. The driver must be told by you - the customer - to wait until you - the customer -  have checked for any damages and you are happy. Once the delivery is signed for and the driver is gone you - the customer - is liable for any damages or incorrect orders, no refund will be given.

New Kuppersbusch Appliances Installed and Purchased are covered by Kuppersbusch Warranty Terms and Conditions. Any appliance that develops a fault within warranty a service engineer can attend under the conditions of Kuppersbusch Germany Terms and Conditions

New Kuppersbusch Appliances that are installed only any fitting queries must be notified immediatly of being installed within in 24 hours. Any parts that fail on the appliance would be held under warranty with Kuppersbusch Germany and are not the responsibility of the installation by Point to Paces Ltd. 

Any In warranty service calls carried out by Point to Places Ltd parts are sent by Kuppersbusch Germany. Parts are governed by Kupersbusch Germany and the length of time that they are delivered in is not the responsibility of Point to Places Ltd. Any complaints must be followed through with Kuppersbusch Germany. Point to Paces Ltd is not liable for time lost taken off for work, cabinetry damage to water leakage, cabinetry damage to parts failing, food lost through burning, fridge failure, defrosting, incorrect parts and damaged parts received from Kuppersbusch Germany. Any Warranty claims desicions are made by Kuppersbusch Germany on how to proceed they are not made by Point to Paces Ltd. Any extensions for Warranty are made by Kuppersbusch Germany and are not the desicion of Point to Places Ltd. Claims for appliances are not the reponsibility of Point to Plces Ltd, all claims are to be made to Kuppersbusch Germany.

Parts are prone to failure through due wear and tear and are not held under warranty or can be accounted for by Point to Places Ltd. 

Fridges that are installed must be left turned off for 24 hours to let the gasses settle, if the are turned on before this time it invalidates the warranty given with the appliance or part.

Customer Diagnosed own parts

Parts ordered only will be sent with the understanding that they will be fitted by a certifies Service engineer. No blame for injury or blown appliance will be take by Point to Places Ltd for the part. Blown parts may be due to an unforseen fault by the customer which they do not know or account for when installing parts. Every diagnostic is different to a customer any advice given over the phone cannot be used but for information only as there may be un forseen elements that the customer does not know about and take into account.

Price and Payments

All prices are in Pound Sterling. Any sale whch is made to another country it is down to the customer to make the correct payment on the day regarding currency exchange rate. No bank charges can be refunded for charges to another country no discount given. All invoices will show Vat, Any prices can be changed at any given time.

Payment Methods

We accept Bax transfer, Faster Pay Chaps and Cheques. All cheques to be made payable to Point to Placs Ltd. Payment is required in full before ordering any parts or appliances. A formal invoice will be emailed before payment is due with payment methods and accounts numbers.

Service and Repair

We offer a repair service. After payment has been received a convenient day and time can be organised . This will be confirmed by Point to Places Ltd or through the service engineer direct. The time given is an estimated time and cannot be held 100 % in respect of conditions beyond our control eg. traffic, weather, length of time at the previous customer. Repair time until the engineer visits are out of our control until the engineer attends to see faults occuring. Any service you have to cancel please inform Point to Places Ltd as soon as possible on or before the day which ever is the soonest. We will be able to re arrange aother booking for you. Service call outs cover two visits if needed ( Unless told otherwise ). No refund is given if the appliance is fixed on the first call out or if it cannot be fixed BER ( Beyond Economical Repair ) or parts not available. If a third call out is needed a new call out charge will have to be paid by the customer if they wish the engineer to attend. Re gassing is a seperate charge and not covered by the first call out. If an additional fee is needed the customer will be made aware and quoted eg Large Fridges, Island Hoods, Stairs, Second Man.If a breakdown of your appliance ocurs in the future or provide similar simptoms and faults it may be due to a similar component. Engineers who attend on the day can only see what faults are occuring on the day of the visit and determine what parts if any are needed. We do not know of any faults that may arrise or forsee future problems ( be held responsible ) you may have with your appliance after we have left, days, months or years. Service engineers that attend the customer are are sub contracted. Any damage caused by the engineer is covered by his own liability insurance which they are Insured for. Any claim if arrisen will be made to the subcontractor direct and not to Point to Places Ltd.

Appliances Installation

Appliances that are 3kw and over must be wired in on a spur socket. Discretion can be applied on the day and advise given to the customer to employ an engineer to fit the correct electrical socket, The Service engineer that attends to fit cannot make this adjustment to you wiring. Any over heating to the appliance or socket is not covered by warranty or Point to Places Ltd. If own original wiring of the customers is used for a new appiance if failure occrs there is no responsiblity held by Point to Places Ltd.